Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I want to break into silence.  Yes, silence.  There are so many 'voices,,,' even just reading something - is a voice.  I want to hear birds and winds.  I want away from work, people, routines, computers, electronics, e-mails,,, and on and on. I want the basics. I want to empty my mind and let my primal man commune with earth and spirit. Dust to dust and more.  A few more days and I'll be on a camping/hiking trip with a friend. I will be in nature. In silence and wonder.  Simple food and bare shelter. Stars. Fire. Fear.


  1. Quiet! Shush...yes, the silence sounds good now, doesn't it? Interesting you should want some time away from peeps, computers and emails. Me too! I just got back from three heavenly days immersed in nature only. No work, no computer, no traffic, just birds! I became friends with the magpies. Every time I turned around, there was a magpie! Go now! Go on your camping trip and commune with fire and nature and bird song and wonder...and wander! x

  2. I love magpies! Don't see them here though. :( I have a couple more days until my wilderness adventure. :)

  3. i know that feeling very well! Have a calm time!