Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bison Auction

i attended the bison auction at the wichita mountain wildlife refuge. 
 loving these animals,,, i wanted to experience an auction -
take a few pics, make a few sketches. 
 i had a heavy heart, but on my way to the corrals
 i saw several herds roaming or laying in the sunny prairie grasses.
they were the 'lucky' ones.  and i was comforted by the
sight of their freedom and contentment. 
the auction is necessary to maintain a proper number 
of animals within the confines of the refuge. 
some of my quick sketches.
i had to draw as fast the auctioneer could speak! ha!

the atmosphere was good.
 think i'll try to attend these annually. 
but in the meantime i'm going to enjoy the bison
that roam freely throughout the refuge.

oh yes, one more thing....


  1. Wow! Four thousand bucks for a beauty of a buffalo! That's crazy, huh? Your quick sketches are good. I'm happy to hear the event had a good feel to it. I bet you had a good time, and learned a thing or two about bison that you maybe didn't know. I guess you could say we are the auction queens! Nice an cheery bouquet ya got there!

  2. Prairiegirl - You inspired me to go. I'm really glad I checked it out! My Nikon lens broke, been waiting for the new lens to arrive,,, I was envious of those with good cameras. My iphone does ok though.