Monday, October 22, 2012

Black Kettle National Grasslands

 On Friday afternoon, my friend Helen and I headed to the western portion of 
Oklahoma (bordering Texas) into the Black Kettle National Grasslands. Several weeks
ago we made our reservations to hike with a group in the Four Canyon Preserve -
even further northwest. We chose a campsite near Cheyenne and pitched a tent next to 
Dead Warrior Lake. We saw evidence of drought and early freezes on the vegetation in
 the area.  It's a mixed grass prairie region - lots of tall grasses. I enjoy when the grass
is much taller than me. :) And one of my favorite nature sounds is when the wind 
blows through it - and rattles each blade like an invisible note. 

Helen looks at our camp plot,,,

I'm in sage medicine,,,
Not a falling leaf, but a katydid came to visit,,,
Swainson's hawk
Reading by flashlight,,,
It was warm, sunny and peaceful at the campsite.
The sunset was spectacular but vanished swiftly,,,
it traded places with the next celestial beings -
a crescent moon and multitude of stars. 

It got cold at night! I was cocooned in my sleeping bag and 
wearing two pair of pants, 3 shirts and 3 pair of socks. ha! 
It seemed I could hear semi-trucks on the distant highway all night.
There were a few coyote calls. Which if you follow my blog, you know that
I get to enjoy them at home on SW Oklahoma prairie from my bedroom window.

We had to rise early the next morning to drive north to the nature preserve....


  1. Dd you have the place to yourselves? I betcha did. Looks like the peaceful place you were hoping for, to lay your head. Good read for a tent! (Get yourself a headlamp to read. I've got an extra!). And how cute...your coyotes followed you there!

  2. hi prairie girl - a few people came to fish but left before sundown. three of us slept in that tent: me, helen and a hammer. lol a headlamp would be a good idea. :) well, the coyotes must have followed me back home,,, heard them last night. :)

  3. Beautiful.... and I have fond memories of being layered in clothing and stuffed into my sleeping bag, hat pulled over my ears, snow around the foot of the tent!