Monday, October 1, 2012

forty foot hole trail

catching up on pics from our sunday hike... 
since it rained ALL day on saturday we wanted to go where the water 
would be flowing in the wildlife refuge,,, the 'forty foot hole trail.'

i love 'uniola grass' - also known as 'fish on a pole.'

the sun and warmth brought the collard lizards out.

a damsel in distress!
i rescued this damselfly from drowning.
the tree won!
my cairn
maximillian sunflowers are in abundance right now!
the monarchs were enjoying a rest on them during their migration.

i had been feeling very restless and unfocused,,,
 so spending some time in beautiful nature helped to relax me. :)
 greg & i had a wonderful time.  
~  ~  ~
"i mark the summer's swift decline;
the springing sward its grave-clothes weaves.
oh, could i catch the sounds remote!
could i but tell to human ear
the strains which on the breezes float
and sing the requiem of the dying year!
-eliot porter's journal


  1. This is strange, I wrote to every of the last blog posts a comment and now I see not one is there! Very strange!

    1. Thank you Claudia. It may be 'my fault' as I've been working on settings - all I wanted to do is stop the annoying 'robot captcha.' Thanks for the thoughts. :)

  2. Replies
    1. V- I'm holding on to all the warm days I can ... and yes, many tarantulas were out as well. :) (Not the poisonous Greek-kind; but the docile Oklahoma Browns.)

  3. Haha! I wrote many a note too, but then, ta da, nothing for you to see or be amused about! These pics look like it could be spring...again! Just beautiful, San. I hope you are feeling back on track. May the rest of your week be peaceful and calm.

  4. I love these photos...That grass is gorgeous!
    You were given a heart of courage for your heroics with the damsel! ;) Natural reciprocity...

    I feel it too...The ennui...Lack of focus. All of it.