Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Four Canyon Preserve/Oklahoma

this blog continues with my trip to the west oklahoma grasslands.
early saturday morning, my friend helen & i headed northward from our campsite 
 to meet up with a group to hike in the 'four canyon preserve.'

we completed a four mile trek through beautiful red dirt canyons
and mixed prairie grasses. 

i was even visited by a little heart in my chocolate energy bar!

a little more info on the preserve:



  1. First off, Happy Anni!!
    Your trip looks fantastic! West OK resembles New Mexico with all the red dirt. Love that! I'm so envious that you all were in t shirts and it looked so nice and warm out. Very cool how you find hearts in everything! I've taken up deliberately searching for heart shaped rocks and leaves and things in nature saying 'ah ha! THERE'S a San D heart!'

    1. Yes, it starts to take on that NM appearance... :) The sage brushes are there also. It was in the 80's very warm and we were fortunate. It could have been bitter cold. The area had gone through 2 previous freezes.
      The funniest hearts are when I unwrap a food item. Greg just shakes his head. :)