Thursday, October 11, 2012

light and peace

there was a tragic accident near the university yesterday,,, 
it happened at an intersection which i use twice a day.  a filled cement truck turned,
 tipped over onto a car and crushed the woman waiting to go left at the light. 
life and death are strange companions sometimes.
  i've felt a lot of sorrow over this and i'm extra cautious 
of big trucks getting near my little car now. 

 ~ p r a y e r s ~ o f ~  p e a c e ~ t o ~ t h e ~ f a m i l y ~ a n d ~ f r i e n d s ~


  1. Oh, how awful.... yes, I once saw a big truck turn over in an on ramp, I now hang back as big trucks go into those turns if its a two lane entry ramp.

    Adding my prayers of peace to the family, tragic.

    Peace & blessings...

  2. Oh TRAGIC!! I'm sad for her and those who loved her! I've felt the same eerie thoughts whenever I'm driving next to a truck carrying piles of logged timber. How caring and thoughtful of you to honor her this way.

  3. :( So sad. Whenever I hear of something like that, I start to think of the real important things again.