Tuesday, October 23, 2012

october 23rd

two years ago we tied the knot! 
this is one of my favorite wedding pictures,,,
greg's ring dropped to the floor!
i was so nervous that i thought i dropped it. 
but nope, the preacher fumbled,,,
we're trying hard not to laugh and continue with our vows. 

"With this Ring" by Andrea Barrett
i found the perfect photo for greg from a blogging friend...

 my anniversary necklace - butterfly wings framed.

and my anniversary butterfly (same one as the necklace). 
last year i got a blue morpho.
now i have two in my collection.  :)

we went out for italian food and i made tiramisu dessert.

~ life and love is sweet. ~


  1. Congratulations to your anniversary!!! Such a happy wedding picture!

  2. Congratulations... great photo! And I've been looking at jewelry made from butterfly wings, beautiful.

  3. Oh Sandra...
    How nice to see this {though late!}
    You are so beautiful! Your face matches your words...
    I love your wedding photo.

    I wish you both many happy and healthy years shared.