Thursday, November 29, 2012

autumn still

 like an autumn leaf clinging to its branch...
 i'm hanging with fall for a while.
the season - the colors, tones, feelings...
nature isn't in a hurry.
neither am i.

our days are jacketless & warm still,
and butterflies are still flying in the midday sun... 

we're thinking about cutting a juniper tree from
 prairie hill and making it our christmas tree this year. 
we would be doing the field a favor - cedars/junipers 
take over a landscape and are fire hazards.  
i think they're beautiful trees and smell amazing.

my little boy hasn't been feeling 100%.
it may be allergies, but i have to keep a watch
that it doesn't turn into a bronchial issue.
owning a chihuahua is like having a baby for a
 long time. and i don't mind babying him. 
 my sweet boy.

"everyone must take time to sit 
and watch the leaves turn. "
 ~elizabeth lawrence

Sunday, November 25, 2012

last stop - guthrie, oklahoma

Our final stop was in guthrie. i loved the old charm of this city.

guthrie was born on the april 22, 1889 land run -
it became a city of 10,000 people in a single day.
when oklahoma was declared a state in 1907, 
guthrie was the first capital until 1913 at which time
oklahoma city was chosen as the new capital. 

the city still retains its style and architectural integrity-
built of brick and oklahoma's beautiful native sandstone.
it stands today as a national historic landmark with dozens of
beautifully restored buildings, perfect examples
 of late 19th and early 20th century examples.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

roadtrip - red rock canyon and roman nose state parks

tumbleweed highway!
red sandstone
we headed to the 'red rock canyons' in hinton, oklahoma.

(These canyons date back 260 million years when an extensive shallow sea covered the region, 
bordered on the east by the Ouachita and Ozark Mountains. Sediment eroded from these mountains 
was carried westward by rivers as the sea receded. This sediment was worked into sand dunes by wind 
and water and eventually transformed into rock. After millions of years of erosion the canyons became 
what we see today. Before the mid-1800's, Plains Indians used the canyon as a winter camp for shelter 
from the cold and as a place to hunt game. With the discovery of gold in California, overland wagon trails were established, such as the California Road, which passed through the current site of the park. Gold-seeking forty-niners used the canyon as a natural landmark for guidance, and a favorite stop 
 for fresh water, as well as a place to stop  and repair their wagons.)

 lunch, then onto the 'roman nose' state park in watonga.

fallen leaves, sunshine, wind, running springs,
red earth, canyons, mesas, blue skies,,,

Born June 30, 1856, Henry Roman Nose was reared in the nomadic environment of buffalo hunting and tipi dwelling. In 1868, his tribe was forced to give up their nomadic ways and locate in what is now western Oklahoma.

Roman Nose's camp was located in the large canyon which later would become part of Roman Nose State Park. The canyon was an ideal camp site since its high walls protected the Indian lodges from the cold winter winds. The canyon also had plenty of good running water near the grass country of the buffalo.

Despite constant cavalry patrols of the area, conducted by the infamous George Armstrong Custer and the Seventh Calvary Unit, the Cheyenne continued their raids on the white settlements. In 1875, as a result of these raids, several Cheyenne chiefs and warriors were imprisoned and shipped to St. Augustine, Florida. One of these Chiefs was Henry Roman Nose.

After three years of imprisonment, several captives were sent to Hampton Institute in Virginia. Roman Nose was one of these few fortunate captives. Later he went to Carlisle Institute in Pennsylvania, and in 1881, returned home, fully qualified as a tinsmith. The next years were full of change for Roman Nose. He married Red Paint Woman, who soon died. His tinsmithing abilities proved to be unproductive in a land where the Indian had little use for his skills and the white man would not do business with Indians. For the next four years he worked as a scout for the cavlary and as policeman for the Indian Agency. In June 1891, he received his allotment and began using his education by trying to preserve parts of the Indian way of life. In 1889, he became chief of the Cheyenne, serving until his death in 1917.

Roman Nose's life spanned the most turbulent times for Cheyenne people. He can be remembered as a great peacemaker who helped his people make the transition from a nomadic lifestyle to the settled existence of the whites.

Friday, November 23, 2012

in cotton country

we went on a roadtrip north, then cut east and then back down to our southwest oklahoma. 
we passed several cotton fields between ft. cobb and hinton.  
oh yes, i picked loose cotton - 
it was everywhere on the side of the highway.  
but i also picked a pretty little bouquet to place in one of my old bottles.

(wheat and cattle are the main agricultural commodities of Oklahoma, but cotton, which has played a 
significant role in the state's agricultural history, continues to be one of oklahoma's most valuable crops.)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

i climbed a mountain

morning walk around 'prairie hill.'
found an old bottle!
and that's our neighbor to the west, mt. scott,
in the wichita mountain wildlife refuge.
 today was the day to climb it...

twisted cedar
the oak of many bosoms
fiery sumac
river of boulders
the weather was perfect at 79 degrees!! 
our oklahoma novembers can be quite lovely like that.

lots of neat trees are tucked away in mt. scott.
and tons and tons of granite boulders are strewn everywhere.
there's a 3 mile road that snakes around to the summit,
but greg & i wanted to climb straight up for a change. 

and now our bodies feel like chopped cutlets.

 but it feels good to say i climbed a mountain today!

i can see our house and prairie hill from the summit

Saturday, November 17, 2012

walk around prairie hill

just a simple little walk around 'prairie hill' this evening.
where the tonal landscape is so peaceful,,, 

wishing you a great weekend, friends...

Friday, November 16, 2012

table manners

our weekend is starting with a comedic
 play at the university this evening.
 looking forward to seeing
"table manners."

Thursday, November 15, 2012

tread gently

not sure if i ever shared this heart? this is a second picture i took.
it's in a prominent spot, close to the entry of a popular store! 
it gets stepped on all the time....
wonder if i'm the only one who has noticed it?   
appreciated it...?

i wonder,
how many people are unnoticed, 
even stepped on daily?

the 'engines' are reving up,,,
to drive us into the holiday frenzy.
i'm NOT going to get caught up in it.
not going to lose sight of  the most
important thing,,,

people are the true gifts.
worthy of kindness,,
in need of a smile and
gentle treading around their hearts.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


today all the little good things 
added up to a great day!
that's all. 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Michelle's Birthday

Hummingbird Cake
I'm including the background to the "Hummingbird Cake." 

Michelle's special day!
Fennel, ginger, chocolate crisps.
 Today was my sister, Michelle's 48th birthday,
so we had a little family celebration here.
Greg is the photographer,,, and from left to right:
me lighting the candles, niece Danaye, birthday girl Michelle, 
step-dad Kern, aunt Frieda, mom, brother Kern, 
sis-in-law Adalia and nephew Ambrose. 

My sister is my best friend. 
She is solid as a mountain,
gentle as a dove.

internet photo
From the same cocoon
Two sister butterflies born
Wings joined eternal 
(haiku for Michelle,  2007)

Saturday, November 10, 2012

hope and healing

 the rest of this week,,,
trips to the hospital to visit my dear neighbor 
who fell and fractured her hip,

another person that i'm fond of, broke her hip
and had surgery yesterday.
i know my way around the hospital,, 
from my mother's operations
and my own emergency last year.
i also know how important it is to visit the sick
 with a spirit of gentleness and reassurance,,
with prayers and hope.
i know about
the beeping machines and nurses that come and go
and keep one up all night,,, about
 the discomfort and pain,, the terrible food.
i will run to visit someone in the hospital.
there is something in me that wants to be part of
the healing.  i'm not called to be a nurse,
 but it's a spiritual call. 

 tomorrow should be lighter fare,
i'm throwing my sister a little birthday party.
plan to bake her a hummingbird cake
and make firecracker punch.
i have a great gift for her too.