Thursday, November 29, 2012

autumn still

 like an autumn leaf clinging to its branch...
 i'm hanging with fall for a while.
the season - the colors, tones, feelings...
nature isn't in a hurry.
neither am i.

our days are jacketless & warm still,
and butterflies are still flying in the midday sun... 

we're thinking about cutting a juniper tree from
 prairie hill and making it our christmas tree this year. 
we would be doing the field a favor - cedars/junipers 
take over a landscape and are fire hazards.  
i think they're beautiful trees and smell amazing.

my little boy hasn't been feeling 100%.
it may be allergies, but i have to keep a watch
that it doesn't turn into a bronchial issue.
owning a chihuahua is like having a baby for a
 long time. and i don't mind babying him. 
 my sweet boy.

"everyone must take time to sit 
and watch the leaves turn. "
 ~elizabeth lawrence


  1. Get well sweet little one. xo
    I love Juniper too...A wonderful idea.
    I popped in today wondering where you were...
    We had a sleet storm today. The ice froze to my lashes, my lip cracked...I love winter but not the wet snow here. I grew up in Labrador, real snow! 12 foot high snow banks...*sigh*

    1. He seems better. :) Like us I guess they have days they don't feel. But it's too bad they can't tell us where it hurts.

      Sleet storm! Eeek!! That is the worst. Hope it has let up...

  2. Poor wee his little head and whisper 'Lynn hopes you feel better sweet boy'. Doesn't it just kill ya when our babies are not feeling quite right?
    Oh, yes. Please put one of those juni's in your house! Think of how lovely it would look, and the aroma! Do the land good and how fun it will be to decorate! We are hunting for our tree tomorrow as well! Happy weekend !

    1. He's doing much better! Playful and chipper.... makes me feel better too. :)
      I will share pics if Plan A (Juniper tree) turns out well. ha! Happy tree hunting to both of us tomorrow, Lynn.