Saturday, November 10, 2012

hope and healing

 the rest of this week,,,
trips to the hospital to visit my dear neighbor 
who fell and fractured her hip,

another person that i'm fond of, broke her hip
and had surgery yesterday.
i know my way around the hospital,, 
from my mother's operations
and my own emergency last year.
i also know how important it is to visit the sick
 with a spirit of gentleness and reassurance,,
with prayers and hope.
i know about
the beeping machines and nurses that come and go
and keep one up all night,,, about
 the discomfort and pain,, the terrible food.
i will run to visit someone in the hospital.
there is something in me that wants to be part of
the healing.  i'm not called to be a nurse,
 but it's a spiritual call. 

 tomorrow should be lighter fare,
i'm throwing my sister a little birthday party.
plan to bake her a hummingbird cake
and make firecracker punch.
i have a great gift for her too.



  1. Well wishes to all...
    I long for a sister. You are lucky. So is she!

    1. I'm very lucky - my sister is the sweetest and most generous person. She is my best friend. :)

  2. Intense... and, yes, it completely baffles me that the food is so incredibly horrid in hospitals - seems to me that Western medicine is missing that age old wisdom that you are what you eat! Healing to all and happy baking!

    1. Sadly, Western medicine totally misses it on real nutrition.:(

  3. "A spirit of gentleness and reassurance". You have the gift of giving of yourself.
    Are those little pies? Custard? Quiche? Darling! Your sis must like hummingbirds, yah? Can't wait to find out what special gift you have for her. No doubt something really groovy that you've made with your own ten fingers! Have a ball you two birds!

    1. Those are mini onion pies! I found the recipe in a Shaker cookbook. Next time, I'm going to add some bacon or sausage - but it (they) was good. I'm not sure how the 'Hummingbird Cake' got it's name, some ingredients are bananas, crushed pineapples and pecans - it's very moist and good. Would you believe, the gift is a 1 hour massage at a very special place. She can really use it. :)