Wednesday, November 21, 2012

i climbed a mountain

morning walk around 'prairie hill.'
found an old bottle!
and that's our neighbor to the west, mt. scott,
in the wichita mountain wildlife refuge.
 today was the day to climb it...

twisted cedar
the oak of many bosoms
fiery sumac
river of boulders
the weather was perfect at 79 degrees!! 
our oklahoma novembers can be quite lovely like that.

lots of neat trees are tucked away in mt. scott.
and tons and tons of granite boulders are strewn everywhere.
there's a 3 mile road that snakes around to the summit,
but greg & i wanted to climb straight up for a change. 

and now our bodies feel like chopped cutlets.

 but it feels good to say i climbed a mountain today!

i can see our house and prairie hill from the summit

1 comment:

  1. Oh wow! Stunning pictures! And a new bottle for your collection :)