Friday, November 23, 2012

in cotton country

we went on a roadtrip north, then cut east and then back down to our southwest oklahoma. 
we passed several cotton fields between ft. cobb and hinton.  
oh yes, i picked loose cotton - 
it was everywhere on the side of the highway.  
but i also picked a pretty little bouquet to place in one of my old bottles.

(wheat and cattle are the main agricultural commodities of Oklahoma, but cotton, which has played a 
significant role in the state's agricultural history, continues to be one of oklahoma's most valuable crops.)


  1. Previous post: straight up the mountain? You guys are mountain goats! The view was worth it.
    Oh, the COTTON! I seriously could not live without cotton. I can't stand to wear anything itchy on my skin. Cotton is king. Incredibly, those fields have been there for ages! (Even after thoses dust storms, huh?!)
    Very cool. Cotton in an old bottle.
    Happy exploring!

  2. Thank you, Lynn. Cotton is grand. :)

  3. I'm always amazed that a little puff of a plant can be transformed into cloth.... nice bouquet.