Sunday, November 11, 2012

Michelle's Birthday

Hummingbird Cake
I'm including the background to the "Hummingbird Cake." 

Michelle's special day!
Fennel, ginger, chocolate crisps.
 Today was my sister, Michelle's 48th birthday,
so we had a little family celebration here.
Greg is the photographer,,, and from left to right:
me lighting the candles, niece Danaye, birthday girl Michelle, 
step-dad Kern, aunt Frieda, mom, brother Kern, 
sis-in-law Adalia and nephew Ambrose. 

My sister is my best friend. 
She is solid as a mountain,
gentle as a dove.

internet photo
From the same cocoon
Two sister butterflies born
Wings joined eternal 
(haiku for Michelle,  2007)


  1. Lovely and yummy... what exactly IS hummingbird cake, I wonder?


      I had to look it up - seriously curious myself now, even though I've made this cake since the late 1990's...

  2. YUM!!! That HB cake looks moist and delicious. It looks like it has lemon it it, tho that's probably the pineapple. Who cares!! I'm making one for thanksgiving!! Sissy looks as sweet as you. It's a special thing, you two being so close. My sis and I are not. And you gave her the best gift any gal could ask for. There is nothing like a good long she can't wait.

  3. So nice to hear that you get along so good with your sister! My sister is 14 years younger than me, but we have a very good connection too. Seems you had a great time!