Friday, November 2, 2012

okie stuff

"Which Okie are you?"
i found this so amusing at the university library today...
 checked out some other oklahoma books though.

finally, Quilters, a musical about pioneer women opens tonight. 
greg has been in rehearsal for weeks - he's musical director of this one.
there will be a dinner and a silent quilt auction.
i'm looking forward to the show!

hope you have a great weekend.


  1. Fun!! A local play! Love those. And Greg, take a bow.
    Looking at the stack of books, I wonder why the German's get a blue cover?
    Enjoy your weekend in sorts and flip flops! Indian summer...still? We'll take it!!

  2. I think that's another funny aspect of the stack of books - the Germans having a blue cover. Perhaps, I'll come back and read these. :)
    Indian Summer indeed. :) Hope you're having a good weekend Prairiegirl.