Thursday, November 15, 2012

tread gently

not sure if i ever shared this heart? this is a second picture i took.
it's in a prominent spot, close to the entry of a popular store! 
it gets stepped on all the time....
wonder if i'm the only one who has noticed it?   
appreciated it...?

i wonder,
how many people are unnoticed, 
even stepped on daily?

the 'engines' are reving up,,,
to drive us into the holiday frenzy.
i'm NOT going to get caught up in it.
not going to lose sight of  the most
important thing,,,

people are the true gifts.
worthy of kindness,,
in need of a smile and
gentle treading around their hearts.


  1. Yes... we need to remember that! Great heart and probably not too many notice. It might be fun to do a little installation - put an arrow on the ground with a clipboard and pen somewhere close and ask - how many of you noticed this before?

  2. I'm with you on the not getting caught up in the whole commercialism of glitter and gold.
    People are gifts! Everyone has something wonderful to show us, if we will just take time to listen, to acknowledge, to love.
    Yes, this Christmas season will be different. Thank you.
    Don't step on the heart!!!!!!