Sunday, December 23, 2012

a prayer was answered

....44 geese a~flyin' over mount scott!
a prayer was answered...
my mom's angioplasty turned out well today -
no stent was needed, and she is 'home' for christmas. 

thanking faithful God. 


  1. Wonderful news, Sandra. That is a wonderful Christmas present!!

  2. Yay! Welcome home, Mom! What a beautiful Christmas gift, to be able to sit next to your mother, sip tea, talk and gaze at the tree and laugh a little. I'd give anything to be with my mom right now. And, for that matter, be walking on the beach with her, in sunny California!! Ha! You of all peeps can relate to that!
    I loved your block print. I'm so glad we're friends!
    Blowing you happy wishes for Christmas from my prairie to yours. xo