Thursday, December 6, 2012

amidst trees

greg is christmas tree hunting on prairie hill
7' juniperus virginiana
we picked a beautiful juniper from the prairie - it's perfect.
and the house smells like a forest now.

Juniper or Eastern Red cedar is a native plant that is infesting a large percentage 
of Oklahoma’s rangeland and forestland. Historical records reveal that eastern red cedar 
was mainly concentrated around canyons and streams or other places that were protected 
from the fires that swept the vast prairies. Fire prevented the encroachment of this 
problematic species, but with the settlement came the suppression of fire. 
The number of acres infested with red cedar doubles every 18 years even though 
eastern red cedar is one of the easiest brush species in Oklahoma to control.

a few pictures from tonight's walk.

 i'm on the look out for interesting bases for my mini tree sculptures.


  1. Great tree! and I love the last photo..

  2. Dang! That tree looks gigantic next to Greg! Aren't you glad he didn't haul THAT one in your house? Haha. Your tree, with it all decorated, is a beauty for sure! And the aroma in your house must make you happy. Love the juni Christmas tree, San!