Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Deer Through The Post Oaks

Christmas card factory.
Can we play?

This year's Christmas card.

This lino print was inspired by our backyard view. 
Through the bare branches of the post oaks, deer can
 be seen grazing on distant ‘Prairie Hill.’ 
 I’ve framed their  miniature forms in my globes.

Linocuts are very similar to woodcuts.  It’s a printing technique 
using a sheet of linoleum in which subtractive cuts are made to 
create an original design.   The relief is then inked and printed. 
While linoleum was first invented in the  1860s,  it wasn't used
 as a medium for printing until the early 1900s in Germany, 
where it was first used for making patterns on wallpaper. 
Artists ranging from  Pablo Picasso to Henri Matisse have
 made linocuts, and today it is considered  a respected art form.


  1. Lovely cards and what a FACE on that pup!!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you. I hand printed,,, Greg saw how much work this was, so he ordered a mini press for me!!! How do you print up your images?

  3. Beautiful work. Nice idea for the print...
    Happy Holidays!