Sunday, December 2, 2012

little trees (sculpture)

dying cedar 

i'm making mini trees lately.

it all came about by my first inspiration 
while climbing to the top of mount scott....

twisted cedar on mount scott
post oak at end of fall
i'm surrounded by post oaks. they're familiar and comforting to me.

backyard post oaks inspiration 

the charlie brown christmas tree
i made the christmas tree for greg - it's one of his favorites...

sugar maple
inspired by the beautiful maples in hollis canyon at the wildlife refuge. 

inspired by the fiery red color in fall...

sumac leaves
and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.  
revelation 22:2

wishing you a peaceful, healthful and happy week ahead.


  1. Those backyard post oaks are a sight! SO lucky to see those everyday! What adorable and creative little trees!
    How's your little baby boy feeling? Tail waggin' I hope!

  2. your mini trees are gorgeous! I made some in the past too, it is a real nice thing to make!

  3. Gorgeous!
    Greg's tree is my favourite too.
    Wishes of the same for you...