Sunday, January 20, 2013

art, nature, art,,, pause

"Little Graces," (Encaustic Collage - Diptych)
since the weather turned warmer i was able to work on some encaustic pieces.
i have to open the studio door, put a box fan in the window, place a heavy-duty
fan behind me and turn on the overhead fan for ventilation. 
 i love encaustic but it's high maintenance. ha!

we went on a wonderful hike in the wildlife refuge yesterday -
explored the area behind osage lake.  it was 60 degrees perfect.

Deciduous losing leaves....
this tree has the fall colors of the chinkapin but i just didn't get the 
shape right.  so it's just a fall tree.

i wanted to give the trees a break for a while so that i could concentrate 
on encaustic, but i got three commissions - the redbud is done, 
the other two will be a pair of cherry blossoms - an anniversary gift.  

sharing tea and conversation with my sis today.
~  ~  ~ 
i hope your weekend has been wonderful.


  1. That's warm! Lovely for a hike. Warm-ish here, but nothing like that. Happy tree-making :)

    1. Hi Valerianna - I bet Pasha is enjoying warm-ish. :)

  2. I love the encaustics...Real leaves? I hope the birds aren't! ;P

    What a lovely hiking day! A calm lake isn't oft seen here!

    1. Hi Dee - The birds are recycled - the leaves are real little post oaks. :)

  3. Is it really January??? It was very warm and sunny here too! All that was missing is Daffodils cuz I think spring is here already! But, I hope not. We need snow. Bad.
    Your encaustics are my favorite!! Yes the leaves and birds, like Val said. Are they earrings? Jewelry pieces? Wall hangings? I guess I don't really know what they are exactly, except that I might want to order one! Especially a bird theme.
    It must be fun to have tea with your sis.

    1. Hey Lynn - oh yeah, where are the daffodils? ha ha!
      So the encaustics are on hanging wood panels - mahogany being my favorite.
      (This reminds me,,, in one of my next posts I need to share about encaustic art.)
      The birds are a small diptych - maybe 2" x 2" each. I love birds, feathers and wings....

  4. Yes please. Encaustic art. Tell us all about it!
    With photos of course.
    So you mean to tell me, you put little wings and feathers in there?
    No more questions. xxo