Thursday, January 17, 2013

casting beads before swans

peach tree and peach blossom necklace
claudia sent me these beautiful beads from vienna!

i look forward to working with some of the other colors. 
 take a peek at claudia's wonderful landscape and artistry.

there is something calming and meditative about beading. 
a little obsessive too!  ha!

i'm working on a fall chinkapin tree now 
and then may give the trees a rest as i need
 to finish and start some other projects.  :)

~~~   ~~~  ~~~  ~~~  ~~~
"now and then it's good to pause in our pursuit 
of happiness and just be happy."
- guillame apollinaire


  1. I pause. I breathe. I'm happy. Thank you.
    Those beads!!!!!!!!! I shout out loud.

  2. I love already what you made out of the beads!