Thursday, January 31, 2013

hoot, hoot

early this morning, i started for the back door to let zody out when i heard a "hoot, hoot."
then i saw him on the neighbor's roof!  i called for greg, who was still sleeping, to come see 
the cool thing out back,,, then i hurried for my camera.  he saw me and flew away, 
huge wings spread against the sunrise.  there has to be a sumi-e or haiku 
about this soon. ;)   is this not a great way to start the day?


  1. Wonderful indeed.
    Inspiration from sun up...
    I love this photo too!

  2. Great! And so awesome to also get a photo.... lovely owl silhouette!

  3. Lucky you! That's a good omen.
    He must have been enjoying that awesome sunrise. Wow.what a shot!