Sunday, January 27, 2013


i don't know where to start... and i don't like to write lengthy blog posts,
but this picture is worth a thousand words and then some.
this couple is dennis and lavonne nesheim.  they were teachers
at ulm american school in neu-ulm, germany during the 70s & 80's.
mr. nesheim was my 4th grade teacher and then my junior & senior high
art teacher.  he's always been my favorite teacher of all time.
i have many wonderful memories of learning video arts, silk screen, 
pottery, and painting in his classes.  mr. nesheim was kind to and patient 
with his students.  he was fair, calm and encouraging.
 for a teenager that was pretty important.
  i finally found a phone number for dennis nesheim a little over a year ago,
and we were able to reconnect and catch up (thirty years)! 
 dennis and lavonne came to visit us yesterday!!! i'm so glad they were 
able make a stop here in sw oklahoma on their return trip home to colorado.   
we took a drive through the wildlife refuge and came across this congregation of turkeys!

i'm grateful for the time i was able to spend with these dear people,,,
reminiscing on old memories and making new ones. 

oh, and i am grateful for good teachers who inspire and make a lasting impression. :)  


  1. What a great photo of them!
    How good/cool of you to get in touch. I believe it is so important to acknowledge the people who made a difference.
    My grade three art teacher is one of mine...Miss Snyder. She has disappeared into the unknown {I've looked and asked...} but she is remembered. She made a huge difference during a rough time.
    Did he like your trees?!
    {ps. Would love long blog posts from you btw! ;) }

    1. Don't give up on finding Miss Snyder. It took me 30 years to find mr. nesheim. ha ha! i think he still approves of all my art. :)

  2. Good teachers are so important! For me it was the most important how a teacher treated us, much more than anything else. I still have night mares of "bad" teachers and am also grateful for one's who treated us good.

    1. Exactly! There's just too many who don't care or are not cut-out to be teachers. I say there are many teachers, but few mentors.

  3. They look wonderful. Same kind smile on Mr.Nesheim! I can only hope that someday someone feels that I left a lifelong positive impression as a teacher like he did for you!


    1. I guarantee you, Tracy. Someone will always be grateful for you. :) You may not even know which one... ;)

  4. Hmmm...just the other day I was looking up the whereabouts of an art teacher who opened my eyes in art class.
    Seeing what talent and creativity you posess, he must be proud of you! And happy to see you again, sharing stories of past and present. And the turkeys were the icing on the cake if you ask me!

  5. Good teachers are people to treasure. How exciting to connect with one of your favorites after so many years. What a treat.

  6. Wonderful to reconnect with teachers who have made a difference in one's life!! I still hear from students of mine now and again, its work that keeps on gving!