Tuesday, February 19, 2013

American white pelicans

For the past three days I've been walking to the other side of Prairie Hill 
to watch the pelicans in Lake Lawtonka! 
 I've been wanting to get some better close up pictures.
Rain and 40 degree weather is predicted for tomorrow - 
wonder if they will decide to take off for warmer
weather someplace else or stick it out here a little longer?
I sure hope they stay.

They look like little white sailboats~~~~


  1. wow, I would love to see pelicans in real except for the zoo ;)

    1. They really are amazing! The tips of their wings are dark - you can't tell when they're close to the body. I hope to get a close up shot for you!

  2. !
    Last night I designed a pelican necklace! Now to get the silver to make it!
    They look so strange to me...Nothing like them here.

    1. Ohhhh your necklace design sounds exciting, Dee! Pelicans seem out of place to me here in Oklahoma - they are just migrating through. When I think of pelicans I think of Florida... further south.

  3. I'm a fan of the white pelican. We have quite a lot of them here, too.
    They are huge.
    How fun for you to be able to see them out on that lake, in your backyard!
    I'm betting they will hang around. ;)

    1. It was too cold and windy to check tonight, but hope to see them tomorrow.
      Glad you get to enjoy them up there also. :)