Monday, February 11, 2013

Madonna and Child

Madonna and Child, 3 1/2"  x 5" Encaustic Collage
A friend gave me this antique card.  I cut it down to fit
 an arched walnut panel, and then layered and fused 
the image with encaustic medium.  I didn't add
 anything else -  I thought it was perfect as is.

I have a small, antique German prayer card 
that I'm going to preserve like this next.

I could spend hours in the Library's art section,
and nature (trees/flowers/birds), and poetry, and travel....

How is your Monday?


  1. The library is one of my favorite pastimes as well.
    Ours is FULL to the brim of anything and everything you could want.
    We need a new one, a bigger one, as the one in my town is old and falling apart. This community voted against a new library when it was on the ballot last Nov. Not a lot of readers. Very few care about anything like that. Unfortunately.

    1. I remember you mentioning the issue on your ballot and how it fell to the way side. :(
      I fear electronic reading is crowding out all the beautiful hard copy books.
      Being visual peeps it's hard to give up the tactile, (the visual) and paper
      and typed text, etc...... Woe to modernism sometimes, Lynn. Let's continue treasuring Libraries and Books!