Saturday, February 16, 2013

the season of shedding antlers

we heard a huge crash and in a matter of seconds a buck jumped
and ran off - my sister and i caught a glimpse of him in the distance.
he had one giant antler.  greg didn't see any antlers on the deer's head.  
we walked to where the buck had been and could still smell his wild scent. 
on the ground lay a 6 point freshly broken off antler. his.
we headed back down to the valley and came across another antler. his.  
the majestic beast just shed both of his massive antlers! 

if food is abundant, his antlers will grow back to the same 
glorious and graceful four feet lengths and ten pounds each
by the end of the year. the buck will impress the does again.

nature's ordinary event was a magical experience for us. 

a little burst of color from a verbena!

 Suddenly, as rare things will, it vanished.
Elizabeth Barrett Browning.


  1. Wow!! I'll say that's magical! That's something you'll never forget.
    And that scent. I've been just a few feet from a musky elk before. Thrilling to say the least.
    I pray you get lotsa rain, mixed with your beloved sunshine, so both you and mister buck can thrive on the greens. I'd like to see his antlers as big as before, and your smile four feet wide, when there's color on prairie hill.
    PS do you keep the gorgeous antler? :)

  2. What a gift to be there at that exact moment... that's some medicine!

  3. Magic!

    How sweet to see the one who gifted you...