Sunday, February 24, 2013

the textures of today's hike


our hike started at the quetone look-out toward 
mount scott's boy.  we followed animal trails and creeks
that cut through prairie fields and post oak forests.
i loved the little violet flowers poking through 
the dead winter grass - like an adornment
 in long drab hair, or the tiniest announcers
that spring is coming soon. 
some of us are ready...


  1. Oh yeah! THERE'S Greg foraging creek side! I'm all confused...sorry. I just got home from frazzle dazzle work. ;) know I love all this nature stuff. For sure, the purple dainty flowers popping up through the prairie grasses is a sure sign that our dreams are coming true!
    Come on S P R I N G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. After this day, we had a winter storm warning! lol. A little bit of snow, little bit of rain, cold temps and a fierce bitter wind! The wind is a strong presence here. We were sunny and calm again today! Oh, the prairie....

  2. Sweet - tiniest announcers, I like that description :)