Sunday, February 3, 2013

wax weekend and more

crane fold, encaustic collage on pine panels, 4" x 4"

i made 4 of these encaustic panels this weekend - 
incorporated my origami papers, 
burnished the image in after copying it to parchment paper.  
 i was thrilled with the results and plan to make more, more, more.

 my precious,,, he scraped his cornea a couple weeks ago,
a couple of vet visits, meds and a cone healed it up.  that left eye is
beautiful & healthy again.  we had a good walk around prairie hill today.

this picture is from last weekend. behind me to the right is our neighborhood, prairie hill,
lake lawtonka and the windmill farm beyond. i like how we can just walk out of the house
and hike and explore. it never gets old only better.

have a wonderful week, dear friends.


  1. Oh you are queen of wax and wings! SO cool, especially like the colors in the first one. More, more, more! Yes!
    Gads, you live in a beautiful place with so much to see and explore right out your door. You're really living the life, I tell ya.
    Looks like its gonna be a nice week. x

  2. Beautiful work! Good to see that Zody is better again!