Monday, March 11, 2013

Early March

Dog Toothed Lilies

The March Buds

They lie on the bed, hearing music.
The perfumed pillow, the lake, a woman's laughter.
Wind blows faintly, touches the March buds.
The young trees sway back and forth.
 ~  *  ~       ~  *  ~       ~  *  ~
(oh, darn! I do not remember the poets name.)

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Practicing my Italian.

"My Three Boys," Encaustic Portrait on Panel
Greg asked me to make this encaustic portrait for him (again).
 I made this same image a couple of years ago but the background
was plain green on board. This time, I included a snip of his mom's
handwriting and the background is much better. Cute little Greg is
on the left with his two younger brothers and mom, of course.

Backyard and Prairie Hill
Sweet thunder and rain! The pond is filling up and the frogs
 are croaking their hallelujahs.  Do you see the pond below? Look to the left...
 ~    ~~~    ~  ~  ~    ~~~    ~
Our big cedar bird-feeder finally succumbed to the year long winds.
So I hung my little extra small house on the post oak.    

Beautiful sunny walk around Prairie Hill and through Dog Tooth Trail
tonight.  Not happy about the tick that hitched a ride home though.
My skin is still "crawling."  I checked Zody over really good.
I wonder if this is any indication of how bad the ticks will be - 
we had a very mild winter.  

Happy week to all!



  1. Zody is such a sweety! Sunny stepped a few times in a tick nest already. Not easy to get rid of these little beasts! We had a cold winter though, so I hope they will be less this year.

    1. I'll be making my natural bug repellant again with essential oils.
      Let's hope its not a bad problem this year though.

  2. Love seeing the bare trees and rusty colors of early spring, beautiful.

    1. Some trees are starting to bloom now. It's all at hand... :)

  3. I love Zody especially the name, my skin would be crawling too, t ICK s!

    I love your view of the pond, the rain and the first showings of spring.

    ITALY!! a l m o s t !

    1. The frogs in the pond sound like aliens, but I miss them in the winter.
      Ah Italia,,, not long now. :)

  4. Little Greg looks cute! Sweet pic of his fam.
    P Hill looks awesome as ever! Gearing up for spring.
    Zody is precious. He must love it when he gets to take walks with you!
    I hope you get more rain...wash them bugs away!!

    1. General Zody leads the way around our trails. Yes, let it rain, rain and rain, but bring warmth too dear Spring. Hope you are all settled back in at home, Prairie sis.

  5. I've always thought September to be my favorite month, but March is feeling quite special. Thanks for the March poem.

  6. Thank you so much for the mail!!!!! <3 <3 <3