Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring Break in Italy

Trajan's Column
We went to Italy for spring break,,,
Visited Arezzo, Florence, Assisi and Rome.

I have 1000 photos to sort through
and will share many pics in the coming days.
Right now I'm operating on travel fatigue and simply
lack of sleep.  Here are a few random photos of our trip.

Addicted to cappuccinos.
St. Peter's Square, Vatican City
Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!!!
Big candy!
San Francisco di Assisi
Coliseum in Rome

Navona Piazza, Rome
More style!
I'm looking at Rafael paintings.
Mushroom pizza
And we found the largest donuts in the world!

We didn't see the new pope - only on souvenirs and on tv. ha!

One of my dreams that became a reality was standing under Michelangelo's 
Sistine Ceiling.  I was very distraught to hear about the closure of the 
Sistine Chapel just before our trip. However, the cardinals voted in time and 
the new pope's coronation took place just one day before we were scheduled 
to visit the Vatican. The Sistine Chapel (and ceiling) was open to the public.
And it was a wonder to behold!
My pocket Pinnochio


  1. How great! I studied art in Florence back in 1984. The Sistine Chapel was closed for renovation the whole time I was there, and, so I never saw it. I'd love to, though. Love the Pinnochio!

    1. How cool to have studied in Florence! :) I was praying the Sistine Chapel would be open again. There were wonderful Pinnochio stores all over the place. I gave my Pinnochio to a friend. :)

  2. All those wonderful places! All those cappuccinos! And YUM to the humongous donut!
    Can't wait to hear more. Sounds grand.
    Hope you're feeling better. xo

    1. Trying to load up on healthful stuff Lynn, so this germ doesn't take root. So far no worse. All the crazy weather changes haven't helped either. Thank you for the Cali postcard today, thoughtful you! Bacci!

  3. Oh wow, what a great trip! I was already wondering where you are! Good to hear that you had such a good time! Hope you get rid of the jetlag soon!