Wednesday, March 6, 2013

the stamp collectors


 i love stamps!  i always have. probably because i've always been fond of
miniatures & art, also like travel and geography. stamps are just that - miniature
art works, little thumbnails of this and that - people, history, countries...
they travel far, bringing cheer, maybe sorrow too. 
i like snailmail - i always have.
i like the tangible.
i like handwriting,
and paper.

 a few years ago, someone gave me this amazing box!
i knew exactly what i was going to do with it.
the little drawers and compartments hold my collection.


Here's how it expands -
my little stamp museum or library. 

recently my blogging friend, claudia, sent me some 
austrian stamps from her collection. they're so cool! 
she understands the fascination -
she is also a collector.

i dedicate this post to her.
it's also her birthday! and michelangelo's birthday.
happy birthday dearest claudia!


  1. What an amazing box!! And great stamps - beautiful. I've been disappointed lately when I ask to see the stamps at the teeny tiny post office. Only a few choices, usually flags and hearts and such, but not good ART. Guess one has to be in a big city to have a nice selection to choose from!

  2. I'm with Valerianna I haven't seen very interesting stamps as of late but your collection is marvelous along with your ephemera chest, the case is just perfect. Plus you can change the view in your tiny gallery if you like.


  3. What an special box!!! Thank you for your kind words! Makes me and Michelangelo happy :)

  4. That's some kind of box! And look at all those stamps! Sweet potato pie, that's quite a collection!
    I've saved a few stamps through the years. Frida Kahlo, Owls, Nature ones.
    I like handwritten letters, pretty paper, postcards and pens!
    Have a lovely Birthday, Claudia!