Sunday, March 3, 2013

weekend works

Cutleaf Daisy with Blue Jay,  Encaustic Mixed Media on Panel
I'm working on three different art exhibits this year.
The first one will be in May at Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center.
In addition to my collection of wildflower watercolors,
I've decided I'd like to include some encaustic mixed media
like the one above.  I've got a few special flowers picked out
(and birds!).  I'm so excited that my display will coincide with the
Refuge's wildflower tours.  And I'm praying for rain....
so that we can enjoy all the beautiful prairie flowers again!

 I like how my sepia diptych turned out.  
The third panel didn't flow with
these two so it's on its own (for now)...
Titles escape me for now...

This landscape is just outside my door.
I'm blessed to call nature my home.

I love March!

Oh, I treated myself to this lovely birdie:
I adore Rochelle's exquisite work!

Happy week...


  1. Replies
    1. V- Knowing your work, I'm not surprised the tangled woods you'd enjoy. :)

  2. I LOVE your diptych...It is fabulous...
    Rochelle's work is astonishing and perfectly crafted...She's one of my "s~hero's". :)

    Have a happy week.

    1. Thank you Dee.... I too love Rochelles's creations. I'm wearing her birdie today. :)
      Happy week to you also!

  3. Love your diptych - how do you do it? So beautiful!

    1. Lily - I actually started with photographs that I took of the wild landscape out back. I took the pictures with an app on my iphone. Mounted the images to walnut panel and covered and fused them several layers of encaustic medium (part beeswax and portion of damar resin). I'm ready to work on some more this weekend. :)