Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Cherry Blossoms (tree sculptures)

file photo from weather channel
I had a request to make two cherry blossom trees as an
anniversary gift.  Their first date occurred by the
Washington DC Tidal Basin during the blooming
season of the cherry blossom trees.... April.
I struggled with the color because I kept seeing pale
(white) and she saw pink.  So the bead trees are pale pink.
Instead of two trees, I made three.  The third one
representing her young son - very close to her.


  1. Cherry blossoms are so beautiful! I once had a dream where I walked between lots of blooming cherry trees, it was one of those dreams that you just don't forget. These trees you made are wonderful!

  2. Pink, pale pink, white. Cherry blossoms are exquisite and dainty and a sure sign of spring.
    You've captured it all in these little trees for your friend. Amazing type of art you do, San.