Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Earth Day Again

Lost and Found Nest
 I wanted to post something for Earth Day yesterday.
However, I got caught up in a wonderful busy evening.
I attended a workshop on Native American flute playing. 
The Ethnomusicologist from OU came to
Cameron University for a presentation.
I learned quite a bit and now I'm itching to buy another flute:
I'd like to add a cedar to my sunflower instrument.
Hope this isn't going to become too addicting. :)

I usually like to spend time outdoors on Earth Day, but I got
home around 7ish; just enough time left for a small stroll around
 the neighborhood trail with Zody & Greg.  
And Greg is home again in the evenings.  Two months of night 
rehearsals for the latest musical 'Drowsy Chaperone' are over. 
I saw a performance last Friday and it was so much fun.

Today, we received our 10 trees from the Arbor Day Society.

While I wait for warmer days to plant these seedlings, I'll just
fashion a wire lilac tree - my latest commission.  :)

The accidental surprise in the paint palette.
"We could have never loved the earth so
 well if we had had no childhood in it..."

Here's to another earth day!


  1. no wait for next year celebrate earth day with regular basis by save earth concept.

  2. Cool nest!
    What kinds of tree seedlings did you get? Ooh fun!!
    Go on! Get a cedar flute! You know you want one. ( what's one more flute?)
    Happy days to you! Sounds like some beautiful happenings around your place.
    I love the quote.

  3. That's an interesting nest... do you know from what kind of bird? Looks a bit like a oriole nest, but the hole is in the wrong place for them.

    I have a cedar flute and love it!