Friday, April 19, 2013

overflowing with rain

lucky for my neighbors, the rain run-off went around their house and filled pond #1, which spilled into pond #2 just below our property. 
and flowed into the biggest pond #3
and through the pond, across the street to spill down a waterfall and hopefully dump into Medicine Creek and not into someone's house!  

 tornado warning sirens blared across sw Oklahoma wednesday night!
it all broke lose around 5pm.  i left work and opted to take shelter at my parent's
 home about two miles away.  I couldn't join greg or zody until 9:30pm.
they had their share of sitting in the closet,,, and greg fought
 the rain water from flooding the house.  it was dramatic, but nothing like
some other headlines in our nation.  natural disasters are more comprehensible
than man-made destruction. our weather was not disastrous, but you know what i mean.   
ahhh, the abundance of rain! cup-runneth-over rain! prairie hill is greening out!
and hopefully the dormant seeds and roots of flowers will feel the refreshing and
respond to the rays of the sun now.  it's been an odd season (again). 
 there seems to be no 'normal' anymore.  drought seems the norm,
fire seems the norm, floods seem the norm.
like nature, we have to be flexible.
grow roots. adapt. remain strong.
have a peace-filled weekend dear friends. 


  1. Oh oh oh! All that rain! All that horrible, wonderful rain! We love it. But it's so damaging sometimes!
    I hope it's stopped. I hope the sun shines all day tomorrow and prairie hill responds with vibrant foliage and the greenest greens!
    3 ponds = birds!
    I like to look on the bright side. :)
    I'm thinking about you guys.

  2. That's quite a river running by your neighbor's house! And how, pray tell, does one fight the rain water from flooding the house? Sandbags or digging ditches or something else? Glad that all is well nourished and that nothing but the land got flooded.

    Yes... it was a stressful week up here, remaining flexible was crucial. Have a good weekend!

  3. Oh wow Sandra, nothing like adding insult to injury!

    Look at the power of that water! I hope things get back to the new normal soon, no twisters!


  4. Gosh.
    I remember one storm from my childhood...I doubt few children these days will be able to say the same...
    I hope everything clears and "normalizes" soon.
    Glad you see the possibilities of blooms from this...
    Much love...