Sunday, April 14, 2013

saturday & sunday

we went to the OU campus for a free outdoor Iron & Wine
concert yesterday.  he is such a wonderful singer/musician,
but the concert crowd was so rude. we could hardly hear the
music over all the talking.  this was not a rock concert, but
just a great voice with an acoustic guitar. what a lame shame
that so many people lack concert etiquette.

that's a roadrunner in my back plot!  he snatched a little
 lizard and took off with his lunch.  i hardly ever see roadrunners,
much less in my backyard!  but we do live in the wild, so i shouldn't 
be too surprised.  i thought this was a gift from nature and i'm glad
i got some pictures of him!  we've had a lot of bird activity,,,
red-wing blackbirds, cardinals, woodpeckers and even a 
crane is hanging around the back pond lately!
wild harvesting has started.
(i love spring's bounty)...

wild onions
yarrow tea
both yarrow and plains onions grow on my property and all over the 
surrounding area.  so my sister and i enjoyed a cup of yarrow tea and 
we cut the tiny onions into yogurt.  i added the mini onions to feta meatballs 
in the evening. i love that we can do some wild harvesting right out back
on the southwest oklahoma plains!

yarrow has many healing properties. 
a little goes a long way when it comes to herbs and other edible plants.

here's a lot more info on yarrow in case you're interested:

to a healthy spring week!!


  1. The inconsiderate audience- what a travesty! Especially the sweet & thoughtful Iron&wine!! Agh!! (What's the matter with people?)
    I'm sorry about that.
    Your hill offers so many gifts of nature!! Roadrunners are so elusive! I've seen one ONCE, zipping by. Lucky lucky you.
    Picking yarrow and wild onions and who knows what else. And sharing a Sunday tea with your sis. Who has it better than you, huh?

    1. Do you listen to Iron & Wine??
      Yes, I was very lucky to see the roadrunner out back! I'm waiting for the day when a buffalo walks across the hill. lol
      Oh prairie sis, the spring season is finally here and I'm so excited about the
      birds and blooms... the sage is bursting out everywhere also. :)
      Have an awesome week!

  2. Wow... that IS unfortunate about the noise at the concert! Imagine how the performer felt!! Roadrunner - cool. And happy nibbling from the land, I was just looking at a few things that I need to pick out there in the forest.

    1. Tell me about your edibles from the forest!!! Yay!