Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Little Bookcase

a friend made this mini bookshelf for me. 
 i needed a little case for all my tiny journals and other small books. :)

these are art journals, travelogues, and quote books. 
some contain info on certain topics.
some i bought, but most i made out of
recycled material - like favorite cards from friends.
there's even my little wedding planner on this shelf.

the smallest journals are thumbprint size! my latest creations.

Happy New Week!


  1. So nice! I also love to make journals myself, somehow I have less inhibitions to fill them than i have with bought ones

  2. Oh my Sandra! At first, I didn't realize the little books were so LITTLE! Until you have one in your hand! So many handmade midget journals! Such a tiny bookshelf! Very very cool, all of it. You are so dang creative! (Have I told you that before?) haha.
    I've made a couple of journal/sketchbooks as well. I did a class on it at our local library. I'll show you sometime.
    Happy new week to you too. But, we are in for more snow. NO. IM NOT JOKING.