Tuesday, May 21, 2013

an unusual dream

our little yucca in bloom!

i    l i k e     w h e n      t h e      p r a i r i e      i s      p e a c e f u l ....

An unusual dream this morning:
I saw "seeds" that looked like giant individual dandelion seeds. 
 I picked them and they turned into animals (as I planted them?)  
I'm 100% percent sure they were caribou.

I had to look this up, and according to dream symbols a reindeer signifies:

These dignified animals in your dream forecast a surprise gain. 
You are likely to recover something you thought lost (possibly a forgotten loan) 
or to discover that something you thought worthless is, in fact, quite valuable.

I  came across giant dandelions on our walk this evening.
Like the ones in my dream - I'm still looking for the caribou.  

I know this is random, maybe the tornado has made me slightly strange....  


  1. I have never seen a yucca blooming! How beautiful!

    I like your dream! Those kind of dreams are the ones worth to illustrate!
    How surreal and great!

    I used to look up dream symbols a lot, but then stopped, because I think it is all more complex somehow. I don't know....

    1. I know, right! What a wild illustration it would be!! Not all things are meant to be understood with dreams... maybe just the gist of the message, sometimes it's just the brain detoxing! Sometimes, spiritual messages get through - I love those!!! :)

      Oh, the yuccas are so beautiful right now. Ours is just a 'baby'! you should see the big ones!

  2. Oh, you live in a wonderful magical world, right now...and that's okay.
    Look at your man right by your side. Now that's magical too!
    I love the yucca. One of my very favorites. And in bloom! Looks great next to the periwinkle whatchamacallits.
    That is a v e r y peaceful prairie. Now....where in the heck are those caribou??? ;)

    1. That's blue flax... It's been blooming for weeks. It looses the blue sepals every night then buds a ton of fresh ones in the morning! I'm in love with this
      accidental discovery (blue flax seeds). :) I love blue flowers best I think.:)

      I know where are the caribou? Maybe in my dreams... ha!