Friday, May 31, 2013

Bittersweet Memento

 a friend gave me some of her plants when she moved away
a couple of years ago.  we planted one of the large cacti in the front yard and 
it had the most exquisite bloom on it today. four more buds will follow.

the snakes have gone wild.  i saw two at lake lawtonka yesterday
and then found this snake molt in my wild back yard this morning.  
blue-eyed grass
tornando memento
 greg cleaned out more tornado debris from the grill of his car,,,
and it's crazy how this 1984 check from Moore ended up
with us in Medicine Park, Oklahoma.

it's a bittersweet memento.


  1. the cactus flower is so beautiful!

  2. How much gift nature has and how much desastrous power, too!

    Love the pics from your garden!

  3. That orange cactus flower is stunning... and, what a strange find, that old check!

  4. I am so surprised that a cactus even survives out there! Let alone, thrive. It's gorgeous! I loooove cactus. That is so cool.
    Look at that shed snake skin! With the head and everything. Incredible. Haha. The way it's wrapped around your wrist. :)
    And, what's with that new tornado, yesterday???? Why why why. It seems a common occurrence now, me worrying about you there.

  5. I was shocked to hear about more tornadoes Friday night. They were north of us. OKC is very central and we are SW. Such a sad spring for Oklahoma....

  6. ...will it end up in an encaustic?

    1. Good idea! ha ha Maybe I wouldn't think it's a real snake every time I see it.