Sunday, May 12, 2013

these past few days

Quannah Parker Lake
I found a crown!
   these past few days....well,
 i started private art lessons, translated some german,
encountered two snakes!, went to a bridal shower,
helped with a wildflower tour in the wildlife refuge, hiked some, 
finished planting my garden!, made bug spray, made snake oil!,
wrote cards and took lots of pictures. i'm sure that i'm forgetting 
something....  :)  hm,,, ? ....this about sums it up though.
Here lies okra.
That's my vegetable wheel down below!
'Praying Mantis Study,' by Mason (age7)
snake in the backyard!!
i was out back in the tame yard, when (right next to my feet)
 it slowly slithered down a crack - right where our
 back porch cement meets up with the grass! 
found out it's a prairie king snake. at least it wasn't a rattler!
however, this means being on the offensive
(starting with snake repellant arsenal).

"the presence of snakes indicates an ecosystem is healthy." ha!!

Painted buntings are coming for the buffet.
The prairies are full of coreopsis!
Essential Oils

someone recommended a blend of cinnamon and clove oils
as snake repellant.  i liked the smell of this cinnamon so much that
it's now my new perfume!  "snake oil" is  the name of my new scent! ha ha!

i hope you have a wonderful week...


  1. I'm with you. I'd completely freak if I knew there were snakes like that slithering around near my back door!! Or a chance step on! You better get a gallon of that cinnamon! Ha! But, they are pretty snakes, aren't they? Your new perfume- just a dab behind your ANKLES! Okay, I'll stop with the jokes. ;)
    Your garden wheel is perfect! And the flowers so yellow and the birds for calming. Ah, sweet, sweet prairie life. x

  2. Wonderful post, Sandra, and what a week!! Snake Oil scent - ha, good one!! Love the painted bunting and the coreopsis. One coreopsis variety does well in my garden... I love it. Have a good week!

  3. Lovely.
    Did you keep your crown?
    I wear lavender essential oil all the time. Sometimes ginger at night...Perhaps I should go on a smelling expedition this afternoon...
    You live a blessed life...It's beautiful.