Thursday, June 20, 2013

Four Haikus

In gesture of grace
Praying Mantis strikes his prey
On peppermint leaf

Prairie hill covered in
Warm Indian Blankets
A spring comforter

Feather in the grass
A farewell indigo gift
From birds going south 

On a single leaf
A small masterpiece from God
The changing season

greg asked me to write 4 haikus for him.  he's going to compose
 music from the haikus and the pieces will be performed at next year's
 annual new music fest which has a theme of spring and autumn equinoxes.  

which haiku do you like best?  :)


  1. It's really hard to tell! They are all really great! But I think I like the last the most!

  2. I love the second and forth!

  3. The last one grabbed me hard. Love it.