Friday, June 21, 2013

johnny depp and summer solstice


medicine man (seated) will bless johnny depp

he autographed my bible!
 a totally spontaneous and strange first day of summer!
greg & i saw a star today - Johnny Depp came to town
for a premier of his new movie, The Lone Ranger.
he was in the area the end of last year and we didn't
 make an effort to see him then.  in fact,we thought it
would be too difficult. so why would Johnny Depp
 come to Lawton, Oklahoma again?  because he was adopted
or inducted into the Comanche nation. his connections to the 
Native Americans brings him here.  how fortunate for us! 

Johnny Depp seemed like a gracious person. conscientious of the 
elders and everyone else around him.  he took his time with the fans 
signing autographs. when he got in front of me i told him that
we loved him and thanked him for coming to Oklahoma.
he smiled, looked me in the eyes and said thank you.  

he's a person like us. it was hot in the cinema parking lot!!!
but he did not rush. he seemed to ooze kindness and calm.
and he dazzled us on this summer solstice day. 

he's a great actor and i look forward to seeing the new movie.  

Happy First Day of Summer!