Sunday, June 16, 2013


this little bird hit our window and died instantly.
a quick watercolor sketch and we buried it in the zen prairie plot. 
 it saddened me that the beautiful bird died this way.

i went for my first summer swim in medicine creek today.
greg had to sit on the banks since his leg has a giant wound
from a brown recluse spider bite.  two months and the tissue is
 still being scraped out by the doctor and the wound has not shrunk 
one iota.  he is bummed about not being able to sail or swim.  me too.

i've had a major disappointment.  the vegetable garden
was attacked by a grasshopper army.  they seemed to laugh at
my home-made natural bug repellant.  i put so much time and
effort into my garden.... not sure if the plants can recover.
also, three healthy potted tomato plants that i've been
babying for weeks got battered by a severe hailstorm tonight.
who knows? the rest of the garden may be demolished as well.
i'm hoping the hailstorm smashed the grasshoppers to pieces!

nature has been harsh lately.  

odd and random....  a chunk of hail knocked an antler
off this mini elk that stands in a cactus plant.  this feels
strangely symbolic to me. . . . 

  abraham looked up and there in a thicket he saw a ram 
caught by its horns.  he went over and took the ram and 
sacrificed it as a burnt offering instead of his son.

God will provide.


  1. So sad with the bird! When I was at my parents half a year ago, the same happend, I really thought the bird was gonna die, so I went out to hold it in my hand for minutes and minutes, it was breathing so hard :( I tried to put my whole energy in it and suddenly it started to move and stood up. It was like a miracle, in the end it flew away like there was nothing. I don't know if it had something to do with me, probably not, but I felt so grateful! It made me so sad to see that bird lying there, not even enough power do fear me.

    Also so sad to hear that you garden got damaged by grasshopper! It seems to become more and more bad, here people have more and more to fight against slugs, they eat everything! And I could observe this from childhood on, that it gets more and more a plague. The other point is the strange weather. It also destroyed so much harvestings here.
    I am wondering how this all should go on.

    Thank you so much for your sweet mail!!!

  2. Yikes... sounds like a lot of "stuff" going on. Hope Greg's leg gets better soon. And I have a small grasshopper army in my garden, too, but so far just a few leaves have holes, and its not a veggie garden, so not so tragic. Hope things look up soon!

  3. Oh San. I've witnessed birds doing that before. Aiming right for the glass. What a precious sparrow (?). He looks so peaceful, yet it's still so sad!
    Garden disaster. And all your hard work. Maybe good things will come out of it. Ya never know.
    Yet another symbolic happening. Let it.