Monday, July 29, 2013

a new chapter

eyebrow grass - my favorite!
toy frenzy!
domino cactus in bloom!
a new chapter is starting for me!  i'm starting a new job soon -
 i'll still be with the university, but in a different office.
CETES - it stands for, center for emerging technology
and entrepreneurial studies. i'm excited about the new
possibilities and navigating new territory!!
we're celebrating with champagne tonight.

vision song 

the scent of sage and sweetgrass
a man saying goodbye 
to himself

(from 'a cheyenne sketchbook'
selected poems by lance henson)


  1. Sounds intriguing... good luck and congratulations!!

  2. Good luck for your new job! It sounds exciting!

  3. Three great pictures and a piece of exciting wonderful news!!!
    I knew you'd get it! Yaaaay!!!
    Champagne toast to you and some sweet grass smudging for luck!