Friday, July 5, 2013

back porch days and movie

back porch days,,,

on 4th of july we went to the same theatre, where two weeks
ago we met johnny depp in the flesh. but this time we saw him
on the big screen in the lone ranger, he was tonto of course. :)

a wonderful film.


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    1. Thank you Lily. This day I was watching the vultures circle - probably looking for rabbits. Not too long ago some of these vultures swooped down through the front street - I swear they trying to get to my chihuahua!

    2. yes, they look for prey. I had to be careful when I was near L., the red hawk of my sister in law, too.It can be really scaring when you are their prey.

  2. Johnny likes it there, in your neck of the woods.
    He probably has a summer teepee somewhere close by!
    I was torn at seeing the movie...but, now I will for sure, since you gave it a thumbs up!
    Enjoy your weekend, San D on the prairie.

    1. You'll laugh (a lot); you will weep (inside) because you remember how history went for natives and buffalo.... The movie was really good.
      As for Johnny, I really think he should get a cobblestone home here in Medicine Park! ;)

  3. my dreams are also not that happy lately!
    I also have a lot of end time dreams, like with big waves like tsunamis that kill everything, burst into the windows....
    and lot's of people migrating to other places. strange!

    1. Mine also involve destruction by water - one was like you described bursting windows. The latest (a couple days ago) cars were overturned/stuck in a deep creek. The earth too is cracking with earthquakes and everything is jumbled.
      I call them my end time dreams. Interesting.

  4. Actually I often wonder if the world will have enough of us and will get us rid if people don't want to develop....