Thursday, July 11, 2013

CHere's to the rain!

Look closely,,, in front of the bird bath,,, that's Tody. He hopped up to the second level!
And Zody enjoying fresh grass.

CHere's to the rain!!!

We hadn't had rain in weeks! It's been hot (104) and dry as a bone!
But dark clouds brought welcome rain this evening. It energized me.
I literally played in it,,, and the weirdest thing! I'm still mystified
as to how or why Tody (the western toad) hopped up to the second
level of the yard!! There he was at the back porch!!! He was looking
for cover when the heavy rains came down sideways, so I managed to
scoop him into a bucket and placed him into my zen garden plot. 
I'm so curious to see if in the morning he'll be back down below in the
vegetable wheel and sitting in his burrow under the driftwood???
I've become fond of this toad. Maybe a little obsessed? ha!

I hope your summer is filled with warmth, cool breezes,,
and rain,,, oh, and  funny mysteries too!


  1. Those rain clouds are the same ones that dumped rain on our prairie, too! Oh joy, I tell you. It's been 100. That's too hot. Unless you live in Tucson! ;)
    I'm fond of the little toad, too. What a sweet face. At first, when I saw the close up of him, his head and eye looked like a snake! I thought, ohh, she's starting to like snakes after all. Ha!
    You've got a lovely abode. What a view! A wet and wondrous land full of life and mystery.
    Big hug an' a *kiss*

  2. We're on the opposite end - needing SUNSHINE! Your place looks so beautiful. I wonder if you remember the paint color of your kitchen? it looks rather ochre to me, and I'm looking for something like it to paint my upstairs.

    Maybe Tody feels a bit obsessed with you, too, and came up a level for a visit?