Monday, July 8, 2013

Tornado and Toad

Ripped Through, encaustic on panel

I made this a couple of weeks ago....
Included scraps of papers that were pulled out from the grill of Greg's car. 
They're remnants from the tornado that ripped through Moore back in May.
I found it interesting how the words were somewhat descriptive of a
tornado - left, right, left, right,,,  mad,,, changed!
(A carpenter friend cut my tornado outline.)

I'm still so thankful that Greg and his sons were unharmed in this
natural disaster.  This artwork is a type of memorial piece.  

What is this? That does not look like a watermelon to me!
Yes, I set up some 'furniture' for him.

Meet Tody.
I encountered him on Saturday. He moved into my garden wheel.
You know the one,,, the grasshoppers chomped through the growing vegetable plants,
and then the hail shredded what was left. Now a toad has moved into what's
left of the watermelon patch. This morning I looked in and his dwelling was empty.
This evening he was back. Maybe he'll stick around a while. 

Have a great week dear friends!


  1. Replies
    1. Me too! Me too! Last night I watched hip hop off. :(
      He was back in his little house this morning!!! I think he (she ?)
      is happy out back. Maybe he's good luck for the garden now!?

  2. Your tornado encaustic is really cool. I like the piece of map that's in there.
    The tornado also looks like a bicycle seat. ;)
    Your backyard is lush lush lush! It looks so inviting. Can I come over?
    I hope little Tody sticks around. You're doing your best making him feel at home!!
    And yes, never forget how fortunate you are, that Greg made it through that awful mess that ripped through.

    1. Oh, no, do not plant the image of a bike seat in my head! I just got over
      it looking like a golf peg! Is that what t's called? ha ha ha.
      Wish you could come over and see the prairie here Lynn. :)