Thursday, August 29, 2013

a bit of jewelry

the annual medicine park flute fest and art walk is one month away.
  i'm 99% prepared with encaustic artwork  and jewelry.  

how do you like my praying mantis?
i call him 'grandpa.' he seems to have had a long summer.

hope your summer days are still wonderful.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

good growth & change

 lately things are consisting of the L word...
L E A R N I N G 
learning a new job, about new things and areas... :)  
you know how change starts a chain reaction!
and change comes bearing all kinds of gifts!

it's a good season....

this evening, i was struck by the simple beauty of indian grass growing in
my wild backyard.  the hues and little dangly flowers caught my eye!
not to mention its 7 foot height! (its roots grow just as deep in search of water.)

greg & i are also looking forward to harvesting that cantaloupe!
there are four growing right now and like a patient farmer
i've been watering for months and watching its change...

things are very good around here.
i hope you are also in a good season, dear friends.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

one of the bluest things i've ever seen (crater lake in oregon)

one of the most beautiful places i have ever experienced!
crater lake in southern oregon.
it's the deepest lake in the u.s.a. - almost 2,000 feet deep.
formed by a volcanic eruption thousands of years ago, it caved in 
and the caldera collected rain water and snow for hundreds of years.
its waters are pure and so visually blue.

i tasted some crater lake (water) served at a shop near the base. 
though my eyes and soul were drinking in vast amounts!

isn't this place amazing? 

this concludes my travel photos to the pacific west....
greg & i loved every moment of this trip.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

grants pass, oregon

rogue river

the best german retaurant!!

 we spent a couple of days in southern oregon and visited greg's dad & his wife.
rogue river, vinyards, trees, mountains, smokey haze from wildfires, great food,,,
and wonderful memories were made in grants pass, oregon.

( saved the best for last.  next post. :)

have great week dear friends!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Memorial Lighthouse

we simply loved trinidad, california!

our vacation seems eons away already,,,
i started my new job this week and 
the semester started up for greg.

we've had some lovely rain,
and even cooler temps.
i took a walk this evening and
the temperature was perfect.
i also picked perfect sunflowers -
sunflowers sometimes signal
the second half of summer....

Monday, August 12, 2013

driving north


shorelines and treelines!
we enjoyed the drive north....
and oh yes!! we took the rental car through
the drive thru-tree in legget, california!  
i picked up some redwood incense cones
in the gift shop which i'm really enjoying now.

we still have quite a distance to oregon.
and one last special stop coming up!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

heading north on the scenic pacific rim


"sandra's world"

 on day three we headed north from san francisco through the
mendocino wine country. we spent some time at the 
amazing cabrillo lighhouse.  greg scolded me for getting too
close to the barnicled and treacherous shoreline. that's before i saw the sign.

 i've always had a fascination with lighthouses - they're so romantic
and rich with history.  cabrillo in mendocino was especially beautiful!
i also enjoyed the wildflowers, vegetation and deer sightings in this area. 
bonus: we picked up a wonderful painting here for our travel wall. :)

how many lighthouses have you seen?
how do you feel about the ocean?

both of these are so different from where i grew up (forest, mountains, lakes & rivers)
and where i live now (prairie with only oceans of grass and sky) ~ ~ ~ 

i fear the ocean ~ not deathly fear ~ but that unknown feeling.