Thursday, August 29, 2013

a bit of jewelry

the annual medicine park flute fest and art walk is one month away.
  i'm 99% prepared with encaustic artwork  and jewelry.  

how do you like my praying mantis?
i call him 'grandpa.' he seems to have had a long summer.

hope your summer days are still wonderful.


  1. Oh, gramps is looking swell. I still can't get over such a thing exists. Fantastic pic of him on your finger, blue sky. Gorgeous!
    Already, the flute fest. Those earrings will sell before you even set up.
    Are we going to see another handmade flute that you can't resist? ;)
    Have a great time and enjoy all that it entails!

    1. you have such a good memory... i just may go for a cedar flute this time. ;)
      hope you are having a great weekend!

  2. Grandpa looks great!

    Hope you enjoy a lot of days together.

    1. i should have tagged him somehow. i'm seeing a bunch other praying mantids now. :)
      happy weekend to you!