Tuesday, August 27, 2013

good growth & change

 lately things are consisting of the L word...
L E A R N I N G 
learning a new job, about new things and areas... :)  
you know how change starts a chain reaction!
and change comes bearing all kinds of gifts!

it's a good season....

this evening, i was struck by the simple beauty of indian grass growing in
my wild backyard.  the hues and little dangly flowers caught my eye!
not to mention its 7 foot height! (its roots grow just as deep in search of water.)

greg & i are also looking forward to harvesting that cantaloupe!
there are four growing right now and like a patient farmer
i've been watering for months and watching its change...

things are very good around here.
i hope you are also in a good season, dear friends.


  1. That melon is looking delicious!!

  2. Seems so have a great late autumn time in your back yard!

    Mhhh, a Cantaloupe fresh from the earth - it will be delicious!

  3. Wha?? That Indian grass doesn't look real!! I've never seen it that color before. So pretty.
    Changes can be exciting and frustrating. You seem to be going with it just fine, prairie sis.